CDR Review

CDR Review


Before the submission of the report, offers its editing and proofreading services to Engineers who are applying for Skilled Migration Visa to Australia. With the help of a professional team of writers, editors, evaluators and consultants who have sound knowledge on the different engineering disciplines, the engineers are able to confidently submit their work to Engineers Australia which is the assessing authority for the CDR. Once your CDR is submitted, it will be evaluated on basis of your engineering skills and knowledge. If the CDR matched the Australian Standards then you are in but if it doesn’t then all your efforts will go to waste. provides value-added service to our clients. We not only check for spelling and grammar checks but we correct data related errors and structure the content in such a way that it will be at par with the EA guideline. We also make sure that the CDR uses Australian and that the Career Episodes and Summary Statement takes into account all the essentials that are related to your occupation category. For you to make your CDR more effectual and accepted by the EA, we provide a comprehensive feedback report which will include suggestions and recommendation.

Plagiarism Checking and Removal

Engineers Australia (EA) has a strict policy against plagiarism in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). If the data has been copied from other sources such as websites, books, magazines, journals, digital platforms, offline and online CDR samples then your CDR is will not go through. In order to check for plagiarism, EA makes us of an advanced Plagiarism Checking software for CDR. If any part of your CDR is plagiarized then the EA has the right to reject the entire CDR. In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, offers you CDR plagiarism checking and removal services where the most advanced software tools are employed to categorize the areas where plagiarism has occurred. Our highly qualified team of writers, editors and evaluators will provide you with undivided attention and offer you complete assistance you in your CDR plagiarism checking and removal efforts.

When your CDR is plagiarized, it makes your CDR look weak and depicts a lack of ethics from you part. A number of engineers who are applying for Australian Immigration are unaware that there are severe penalties in Australia when the work is plagiarized. Thus, it is very important for engineers to submit a plagiarism free CDR. There may be several plagiarism checking software online but we go a step ahead and correct those mistakes and make sure that every aspect of the report is in line with the guidelines of the EA. At we have the advanced tools, techniques and software to classify the plagiarized areas and precisely rework on those areas so that no challenge will inhibit the approval of your CDR. Gurantees

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