Summary Statement

What is a Summary Statement?

Summary Statement is usually done in a tabular format which is part of your CDR and approved by the Engineers Australia (EA). The right numbers of units, indicators and elements as your reference should be mentioned and proper links should be created which will connect your Career Episodes to the Summary Statement. The paragraphs should be appropriately numbered so that the EA assessor can find the paragraph and review the indicator or element with ease. writing service will help you match the indicator to the EA booklet so that your CDR will be based on your Career Episodes and will be in in line with your chosen occupation category. Our writing experts have the ability to not only prepare or create your CDR but also enhance its different segments to make it applicable for the Skilled Migration evaluation by Engineers Australia. The three kinds of indicators that your CDR must aspire to demonstrate are:

Engineering Expertise
Application of your Engineering Aptitude
Professional & Personal Characteristics

What does a Summary Statement Look Like?

The CDR Summary Statement does not take into account all the indicators that are mentioned in the competency report. It utilizes the ones that are necessary for your occupation category. You can refer to the EA units, indicators and elements in your Career Episodes of your CDR and choose which one suits your interest the best. The CDR Summary Statement analyzes all the indicators which you have stated in your three Career Episodes. It is advisable to use as many indicators as possible in each Career Episode and in your Summary Statement to showcase your capabilities.

At, our goal is to include as many indicators as possible. Our expert writers make sure that at least two indicators of ‘Knowledge and Skills Base’ and ‘Professional and Personal Attributes’ are covered. In addition, at least three indicators of ‘Engineering Application Ability’ are contained in each Career Episode so that their reference paragraphs are clearly revealed in the CDR Summary Statement. To ensure client satisfaction, we do not withhold details on engineering application activities which you participated in since it is an important criteria for EA. Since Summary statement is a complicated segment of the CDR, it has the ability to either make or break your report and it can make or break your CDR.

To have a clear of what a good CDR Summary Statement looks like, we can formulate professional template for the Engineers which includes the following indicators:

Knowledge and Skill Base
- Understanding of Engineering Discipline

Application of Different Processes

Values, Qualities and Traits Gurantees

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