Career Episode Writing

What is are Career Episodes?

The career episode being one of the most crucial elements of the CDR has to demonstrate all the competency elements that comes under the 4 occupational categories which has been clearly defined by the EA. When writing a Career Episode Report, the Engineers need to take into account that the content should highlight the competency elements under the occupation category. Engineers who aim to migrate to Australia have to choose from one of the four occupational categories for the acquisition of Skilled Migration Visa in Australia which are listed below.

Professional Engineers
Engineering Technologists
Engineering Associates
Engineering Managers

How to write the 3 Career Episodes?

The specified format for CDR incorporates the:

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) document is a list of all the trainings, seminars, workshops, classes and courses you have attended after finishing Engineering graduation. This lists of all your trainings and certification will be presented in the CDR in an organized manner.
  • 3 Career Episodes which is composed of 3 essays which showcases your progress as an Engineer in the CDR. These essays must be written in Australian English and in a first person format. It must talk about a particular aspect, period or experience in your engineering life. All the 3 essays in the Career Episode have to be taken from distinct periods that emphasize your knowledge, skills and experience as an engineer. It may be narrative in character but incorporates technical mindset.
  • Summary Statement is the last page of your CDR which discusses about your Career Episodes and how it is related to the competencies and criteria of EA. It takes into account each paragraph of the Career Episode and how it is related to the various competency elements in of their chosen profile.
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What are the topics needed for the 3 Career Episodes?

Career Episodes showcase your applied knowledge and skills for the nominated occupation. The EA is eager to see the pro-active role you have played in the company and the fulfillment of your duties. Since the three CEs in CDR are necessary, you need to be wise in choosing your career episode topics which must related to your experiences. For you to write 3 effective Career Episodes which will make you standout, you need to pick the following ideas which will highlight your past and/or present experiences.

  • Engineering Projects
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Tech Fests
  • Educational Program
  • Position Occupied
  • Key Responsibilities
  • Team Achievements
  • Engineering Solution
  • Innovation

What are the Major Sections of the Career Episodes?

The introduction section should be in chronological manner and should include the following information:
1. Title of the position occupied by you
2. Name of the organization
3. Dates and duration of the career episode
4. Geographical location where the experience was gained

The background provides the context of your work and educational background. It should contain the following information:
1. Objectives of the project
2. Nature of your work
3. The overall engineering project
4. Statement of your duties or description of your job
5. Organizational structure which illustrates your position

The personal engineering activity is the main section of the career episode. It focuses on the engineering tasks performed by the engineer and defines their individual role. This section should contain the following information:
1. The way you have applied your engineering knowledge and skills
2. The tasks that were delegated to you
3. The process in which you were able to accomplish the task
4. The technical difficulties or problems you have encountered
5. The solutions you have created to solve the issues
6. The strategies you have devised which include original or creative design work
7. The way you have worked with the team members to get the task accomplished

The Summary section highlights your overall performance in the field of engineering and the role you have played. This section should answer the following questions:
1. What is the view of the overall project?
2. How did the project meet the goals, objectives and requirements of the organization?
3. How your personal role has contributed to the success of the project? Gurantees

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